18 January 2011
I really should get my butt into gear and start writing more tutorials and making more tags.  I have been very busy lately with helping some friends out with the closing down of one part of their business.  I cant do an aweful lot for them but I am able to scan documents into their external hard drive and then back it all up on dvd so that they can delete their personal stuff off their work computers.  These friends have been managing a 5 star Resort nearly 2 hours away from where I live.  It is really a hard job. I get to relax in the pool after work and sit in an air conditioned office all day scanning.  How hard can it get?

The only drawback is that I have to be away from home while Im here so I really miss my hubby and my little baby my dog.  I have a black toy poodle who is the child I will never have and he brings such joy to my life and is sooooo attentive and loving.  He accepts me for who I am and will be there if I need a cuddle.