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30 August 2010

Lazy Summer Days

This tutorial was written by Fiona Devil 13th May
2010 and is my own creation. Any resemblance to yours is by pure coincidence.

This tutorial was created using PSPX but any version will work.

Supplies needed

I used the art of Rene Kunert you can find her art at PTE

Scrap kit by Fi which you can purchase Lazy Summer Days Here Mask used was my own but any will do. You can get my
mask Here.

On to the Tutorial

Open a new file 500 x 500 with a transparent background

Open the mask and hold your shift key down and depress your D key, this will
copy the mask. Close the original mask copy.

Choose a colour from your tube and add to the background layer

Select the mask and select Layers - New mask Layer – From image – Source Window
select the Mask – make sure that the Invert mask data is selected and click on
OK Select Layers – Merge – Merge Group

Select your Square tool and draw a square to a size that you prefer. I used the
scrap papers supplied in the scrap kit and set the border to a contrasting
colour in the tube or the paper. I set the line width to 5.

Arrange your elements on your tag as you desire.

Add your tube to the tag and apply drop shadow to your tube. Vertical 2,
Horizontal -2, Opacity 70, Blur 2 and colour Black.

Add the © to the tag and add your name using a font of choice. I used save your
tag as a JPG or PNG.

You are now done. I hope you enjoyed trying my tut. I would love to see the
results of your tags when you are done. You can email me with the results.
20 August 2010

New Template

 There seem to be a lot of templates for other artist tags but there was nothing for my favourite artist. So here is something that I put together for those who love Elias Chatzoudis
You can download the template here
11 August 2010

New Template

I was doing a challenge for a forum I'm member of and I was looking around for ideas and found a lot of scrap kits for comics, so I made one.  I hope someone can use it for their creations.

You can Download it Here.

05 August 2010

More Posers

I made some more tubes.... This DAZ is adictive. I am determined to make more of these cuties but make them better each time :)  and make more of a variety for you to choose from.

I am so grateful for Melissa for introducing me to the program and the joy of creating my own tubes to share with those who are learning PSP or PS and want to use something that they can play with.

I am in the process of loading them to 4Shared so that if you want to use them you can. Thank you to René Kunert for helping me by colourising the Vampire Susie tube for me.  You are the bomb.

You can Download them Here

My try at Poser Art

I had a go at making some tubes in Poser.  Thanks to a very dear friend Melissa for helping me get set up rofl we had a blast working through skype and me showing her my screen with my web cam.

I thought I would show you my creations and if you want to use it for yourself, please keep the copyright information with the tube.

I have saved them in PNG format, all you have to do is click on the image you want to use and then just right click and Save As.  I have loaded them all to my 4Shared folder for easy download. You will be able to download the complete collection of Maise.

Here is the preview of all my Maise tubes that I have created.

You can Download them Here