01 September 2011

Devilishly Hot

This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro

You will need:

Tube of choice.  I used the fabulous artwork of Ismael Rac. You will need to purchase this tube and have a license to use his artwork.
Scrap Kit of Choice. I used DevlishHD. This kit was supplied with the tube at the store.  You can purchase them HERE.
Filters used.  I used Eye Candy 5 - Nature - Fire and also Eye Candy - Impact - Gradient Glow & AAA Frames - Photo Frame.
Font of Choice. I used Balloon Bd BT you can find it HERE
Animation Shop or Photoshop. I prefer to do my animations in PS as the image isnt as grainy.

Lets get started:

Open a canvas 550 x 200
Open your kit and select a paper to paste as the background, I chose DevlishHD+_Paper (6) Reduce by 60%, Edit - Copy.
Select your Magic Wand Tool and click in your blank canvas.Edit - Paste into Selection.
Layers - Duplicate. Do this 4 times.
Select your first layer. Go to Effects - Plugins - Eye Candy 5 - Nature - Fire. Select your Settings and select Small Gas Log Fire. Now click on the Basic tab and adjust with the following settings. (See diagram below)

Hide that layer and then select the next and change the Random Seed.  Do this for the other layers and hide all flame layers.
Now select the elements you would like to use on your tag and place on your tag. Reduce in size and position on your tag.
Open your tube and copy and paste to your tag. If you have a larger version of your tube, paste to your tag and copy and mirror and change the blend mode to Overlay.
Merge your elements together. Copy the smaller tube and paste to your tag. Reduce in size and add a drop shadow to it. The settings I chose were V.2, H.-2, O.50, B.2, Colour Black
Now Merge the elements and the smaller tube together and then hide this layer. Add your copyright information and your name.

Add a gradient glow to your name.  (See settings below.)

Now merge with the elements prior to hiding the layer.

Merge your 2 large tube layers and duplicate by 3 times.  Move the others so that they are above each of the flame layers. Merge down so that they each have the large tube layer on top of the flames and hide all but one layer.
Multiply the tube layer 3 times so that you will have 4 of each.

Select the first layer in your Layers and go to Effects - Plugins - AAA Frames.  Using the settings I used as shown below.

Hide the top layer and unhide the next one and apply the same effect and so on till you have completed all 4 of the layers in your layers palette.

Make sure all your layers are un hidden.

Now save your tag as a PSD file and close.

Open Animation Shop.

 Open your tag in Ani Shop and Highlight all your frames.

Go to Animation - Frame Properties -  Display Time 20.

Save your tag as a gif file.

You are now finished making your tag.

I hope you enjoyed doing my tutorial.

This tutorial was written on 1 September 2011.

Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

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