26 September 2011

Spring Fever

I created this tag using Paint Shop Pro XII. Any version will work just as well.
Using the newest artwork by Ismael Rac called Lolly.
I also used two of the elements from the Lolly HD pack.
You can purchase Ismael's artwork from Here  You will need a license to use his images. 
Please do not use his artwork without a license.

This tag was made using the fabulous Spring is Sweet kit by CBJ You can purchase it Here.
Filter used: MuRa's Filter Meister - Copies.
Font used: Dragonwick
Mask of choice.

Lets get started
First off open a 500 x 500 transparent canvas.
Copy your paper onto your canvas and apply your mask.  Merge Layers.

Open another new image 800 x 800 and leave background transparent.

Next select your Rectangle tool and hide the background colour, draw out a rectangle to any size you like.

You will be using this as a frame for your tube.  Apply a drop shadow to the frame.  V2, H-2, O50, B2.

Paste another tube in the middle of this frame or you can use the same one.  I recoloured the tube to B&W then selected the lips with my lasoo tool and recoloured that to pink. Adjust - Hue & Saturation - Colourise - H: 243 - S: 184 - Okay.

Once you have the tube how you like it, apply a background colour to your frame and merge the three layers.
Go to Effects - MuRa's Filter Meister - Copies using the same settings as below.

Size the frame to fit your tag, I resized to 85%. Copy and paste to your tag background.

Now apply the elements you chose for your tag and position as you like.

Now paste your tube to your tag and position where you like, change the colour to B&W. Go to Adjust - Hue & Saturation - Colourise and change the settings to 0 for both Hue and Saturation. You can leave the lips on the tube as it is or you can recolour the lips on this tube as well. Grab your lasoo tool and go around the mouth and recolour as above.

You dont have to make your own frame, there are some lovely ones supplied in Jo's kit.

You can leave the tubes coloured and use a frame from the kit as I have done below.

Add your © information and your name to your tag.

You can apply a gradient glow to your name.
I did a gradient glow to the outside of the first tag and then changed the effects on the second tag so that it was on the inside. I then applied a drop shadow as the previous settings V2, H-2, O50, B2.  Experiment with how you like it and apply whatever settings you prefer.

Save your tag as PNG or JPG.

You are now finished making your tag.

I hope you enjoyed doing my tutorial.

This tutorial was written on 26 September 2011.

Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

©Fi_Devil Tutorials