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27 December 2011



You will need:

Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop.  I used PSP XI but earlier or later versions will work as well.
I used the gorgeous artwork of Ismael Rac. You need to purchase the artwork from Ismael and have a license to use his artwork. You can purchase the tubes from here.
Scrap Kit of choice. I used the gorgeous creations by René Kunert. I didnt just use one in particular, I chose elements from three of her kits. You can purchase her kits from Rebel Dezigns here.
Font of choice. I used Beyond Wonderland. You can get it here.
Filters used. Alien Skin - Eye Candy 5 - Impact - Gradient Glow

Lets Begin:

Open a 600 x 400 blank canvas.
Select a paper from your kit.  I chose RD-WeddingBells_paper2.  Select the paper to show up in your foreground colour palette.

Select your Ellipse tool and hide the background colour in your materials palette. Using the following settings.

Do this twice and place them close together. Now select your rings and apply an inner bevel with the following settings.

Use one of the elements to join the circles together or create some staples to join them up.  I used the laces (RD-WeddingBells_element1) I erased the parts that didnt fit on the frames and moved them about so that they fitted just right.  I reduced mine by 60%.

Once you have your frame as you like it, apply a drop shadow to your frame and laces and then merge visible. Layers - Merge - Merge Visible. Position where you like the frame.

Open your tube or tubes that you want to use in your frame and copy to your canvas. Reduce to the size you are happy with.  Apply a drop shadow to the tubes. Using the settings below.

Select your magic wand and click in the inside of the frame. This will give you the dancing ants on the inside of the frame but it wont be fully on the side of your frame.  Go to Selections - Modify - Expand and expand by 15.  If the inside of the ribbon string is still empty, hold your shift key down and click your magic wand inside till the centre is empty.

Position your tube to be inside the frame and make sure that the tube layer is still selected, go to Selections - Invert and hit your delete key.  This should have removed the tube that was on the outside of the frame. Go to Selections and Select None.  Do the same for the other frame.

Once you have the tubes in the frame. You can either add a paper or plain coloured background on the inside of the circle.  Either use your ellipse tool and select the colour or paper you prefer making the background of the circle a colour that is complimentary to your tube.

Add your copyright information to your tag and position where you can see it clearly.

Use other elements from the kit or ones you have made and position on the tag where you desire. Add a drop shadow to them using the same settings above.

Add your name to your tag and for effect, use the Gradient glow to bring it out and apply the same drop shadow to your name.

Save your tag as a PNG or JPG.

You are now finished. 

Here is another version using my exclusive tube from Tony Tzanoukakis.

Thank you for trying my tutorial.
This tutorial was written by me on 27th December 2011. 
Any resemblance to other tutorials is purely coincidental.  Do not claim this tutorial as yours and do not post anywhere else. Please direct others to my blog.

©Fi_Devil Tutorials