13 November 2011


What you will need:
I wrote this tutorial for those who have a working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro (PSP)
Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop
Animation Shop (If you want to animate).
I used PSP XI but can be made in any version.
Tube of choice.  I used the fantastic work of Ismael Rac.  Dont use his art unless you have purchased a license first. You can purchase his work Here.
Scrap kit of choice. I used the HD Pack for my tag.  You can purchase it with the tube or just buy it on its own. You can get it Here.
Filters Used - Xenofex 2 Constellation, Eye Candy Gradient Glow, Textures, Weave.
Font used: AdineKirnberg-Script

Lets Begin:
Open your template and hold Shift and D to copy. Close the original.  Open Paper 7 from HD Pack and flood fill the background of your tag. Apply the mask supplied. Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image - Select the mask from the drop down box as seen in diagram below.

(This step is optional.)  Add a new raster layer and flood fill with a colour that will compliment your tag.  I used #88a32e and add another mask layer if you desire. Otherwise leave it with just the one layer of masks.  I liked the effect of another mask behind the supplied one. Or you can use an element that is supplied in the kit.

Select the top layer of the smaller rectangle to the side of your oval shape, paste your tube and place where you like and go to Selections - Select All - Float - Defloat -  (make sure your tube layer is selected) Invert - Delete and this should remove any unwanted tube you dont want showing on your tag.  Do the same to the other side if you desire.

Select your tube and go to Effects - Texture Effects - Weave. See image below.

Select your oval layer and apply a texture to it. You can recolour to match your tube or add a totally different pattern to it. 

The settings I used were,  Effects - Texture Effects - Textures - DDTexture 43 & 7 with the default settings.  As seen below.


Paste your tube onto your template and position it where you want it. Reduce by 85%.  Apply a drop Shadow to your tube layer. Using the following settings.

Change the colours of your rectangles and oval shape backgrounds with the noise and add a sparkle to your noise layer on the larger rectangle noise layer.  Apply the Alien Skin Xenofex 2 - Constellation using the settings shown below. 


You can either close off your tag now to have a static tag or you can apply effects to animate it.
Apply your copyright ©information and your name using either a drop shadow or Gradient Glow effects.
Merge all layers and save as a PNG or JPG.

If you want to animate your tag, before merging your tag, copy your layer that you have added the effects to so that you have 3 of the original layer and follow this step for each layer but change the Random Seed for each layer.  Once you have applied this effect to your layer, hide the layer and select the one below it.

Hide the layers below these layers including them and merge visible. Layers - Merge - Merge Visible.

Duplicate this part of your tag two more times and place above each of the layers with the effect applied to it.
Select your top layer and merge down so that it now has the sparkle effect on the tag. Hide this layer and do the same for each of the other layers till you have three tag layers with the Xenofex Constellation applied to it and you should also have the bottom layers still hidden.

Unhide the bottom layers to the tag, leaving the main part still hidden, merge these layers and duplicate so you also have three of them.

Move each background layer below one of the tag layers and unhide each one and merge down so that the final result will be three tag layers.

Save your tag as a psd file and close it.  This is where you will either take it to Animation Shop or Photoshop to apply the animations.

Open Animation shop and open your tag.  Highlight all three layers of your tag by holding down the Ctrl key and A.

At the top of your window, go to Animation - Frame Properties - Change the display time to 20 select OK.

Save your tag and you are done.

Thank you for trying my tutorial.

This tutorial was written by me on 11th November 2011. Any resemblance to other tutorials is purely coincidental.

©Fi_Devil Tutorials