03 November 2011

Angel Things

I wrote this tutorial for those with a working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro.

This is all my own work and any similarity to other tutorials is purely by chance.

You will need:

Tube of choice. I used the fabulous artwork by Zindy.  You will need a license to use her artwork. You can purchase them Here.
Scrap kit of choice. I used the fabulous kit by Jo from CBJ. You can purchase the kit from DSI (Dreamscape Imaging) Here.
Filters used -Textures
Font of choice. I used Hobo Std which is a supplied font but you can get it here if your PC doesnt have it.
Mask - I used gabeemask54 which can be found Here.

Lets Begin:

Open a canvas of 500 x 500 with transparent background.

Open your paper you wish to use for your mask layer and reduce, I used CBJ_AWAFT_Paper7.  Open your Materials Palette and in the foreground palette, select the paper in your patterns tab and flood fill your canvas with this colour or you can use a complimenting colour to your tube. Scale set to 65%.

 Now apply your mask by going to Layers - Load/Save Mask - Load Mask from Disk -Select your mask from the drop down arrow with the following settings.

In your elements pack, select a frame. I used CBJ_AWAFT_FloralFrame. Copy and paste to your canvas and reduce by 60% add a drop shadow as seen below.

Select your tube and copy and paste to your frame.  Position the tube where you want it to be, apply a drop shadow as before, then either duplicate your tube and place one under the frame layer, Select your eraser tool and erase the parts you dont want to show below the frame on the bottom tube layer and then erase the parts on the top layer tube that you dont need. You can use your lasoo tool to draw around the area of the frame where we need to remove the excess tube instead of using the duplicating process.

Select another paper from the kit and draw a circle with the foreground colour hidden and the paper showing in the background colour as you did before for the mask layer.  Apply a texture to the circle background. - Effects - Texture Effects - Weave (with the following settings).

Add your elements to your tag and add you copyright © and name to your tag.  I used one of the papers for my name font and added an outline of 2 to give it some contrast and finished off with a drop shadow.

Save your tag as either PNG or JPG.

You are now finished making your tag.

I hope you enjoyed doing my tutorial.

This tutorial was written on 3 November 2011.

Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

©Fi_Devil Tutorials